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2021: Year in Review

Charlotte Baker | January 3, 2022

As we close the chapter on 2021, we felt it was appropriate to recap on our past year and our progress so far. Let’s have a look at some of our proudest achievements this year.




In November, we took our product to a new level by launching our mobile application; Loyalty Wallet. Loyale is a rewards marketing platform that enables businesses to not only reward their customers for their purchases but allows them to gain valuable insights into their purchasing behaviours to use for marketing purposes. We developed a mobile application called Loyalty Wallet as well as a POS application to work alongside it. Loyalty Wallet enables companies to subscribe to Loyale and feature on our ready made application which hosts multiple rewards programs. Therefore, companies have access to all the benefits of Loyale without the trouble of creating their own application.


Upon its launch we exhibited Loyale at the Web Summit in Lisbon, wherein we received great feedback and gained some interesting and exciting leads. 


Take a closer look at what Loyalty Wallet has to offer.




At Loyale we are lucky enough to have made fantastic partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the business over the past year.


Zen Sushi To Go


This year we partnered with Zen Sushi and developed a website as well as mobile application that incorporated Loyale, our rewards marketing platform. The Zen Sushi to Go website was built as part of a broader project which includes a mobile app and Loyale’s rewards marketing platform. Both the website and mobile app work seamlessly to allow the user to order their meals and get them delivered or picked up, whilst being rewarded with points for their purchases. Users may then use these points as cash on their future purchases. Besides using the app for ordering, users can also scan the QR code featured within the app in store to claim or redeem their points. This allows for a seamless experience between the company’s  physical and online stores. The app also creates a new direct channel between the store and their consumer as it allows Zen to send notifications and offers directly to their customers. It’s an end to end solution which integrates with the company’s delivery system. 

Through this partnership we were able to enroll half a million users on Loyale which is our biggest achievement yet. 




Another milestone of note was partnering with Welbee’s on their mobile application which once again featured Loyale. The launch of this project saw the amalgamation of four of Malta’s leading supermarkets under one roof with the aim of delivering sterling service to its customers just as they had before with the introduction of a mobile application housing their rewards scheme. This is where we came in and developed their rewards marketing application. 




Not only did we develop a rewards application for Dizz but we also curated their launch campaign. This included the coining of their slogan; ‘Shop Dizz, Get Rewarded’, the designing of their alarm pole posters as well as the artwork for their socials. 




Earlier this year we launched a rewards application for MPG, it was a project of note due to the magnitude of the company. MPG houses multiple brands from retailers to pharmaceutical brands. 




We’re extremely grateful for all the opportunities that were handed to us and the great partnerships we’ve formed over the past twelve months. In addition, we’re excited for what the new year has to offer. We’d like to know if developing a website or mobile application is one of your business goals for the new year? If so, find out more about how we can help.

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Case Study: Alajmo+ Club

Charlotte Baker | August 12, 2021

Alajmo is a Michelin star restaurant group based in Italy with several chains around the world. We were tasked with making their rewards marketing program as luxurious and professional as they are. Alajmo’s customers have great taste when it comes to food, now it’s time for them to reward their customers, whichever Alajmo group restaurant they go to. Alajmo offers some of the finest dining experiences around the world, we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into this opportunity with them.

Services:  Rewards Marketing Platform 

Our rewards marketing platform stretches across an app and a website plugin. By combining our Shopify integration and our app, customers of Alajmo group will be able to use their rewards program called Alajmo+ Club whichever restaurant of theirs they go to. Alajmo’s points are in the form of “Smiles”, 1000 Smiles is worth € 1. Their rewards program has four different tiers; Club, Silver, Gold, and Black. To go up in ranks customers simply need to earn a certain amount of points.

Shopify Integration

We have incorporated our Shopify plugin with their web store. Loyale however is available as a plugin on other platforms such as Lightspeed among many others. Intertwining our rewards platform with their eCommerce website is the secret ingredient in escalating repeat business and customer retention. After customers complete their one-time login they can effortlessly enjoy earning points every time they purchase something albeit a cookbook, flavourful frollini or a delicious bottle of fine wine. The Shopify integration has a popup user interface, which shows the customers’ previous purchases, and balance. When they place a new order they can also redeem any points they have available.

Mobile App

To remain congruent with their well established image, Alajmo used our White Label app. Our team replicated Alajmo’s vision as to what their app should look like. Alajmo’s POS uses Oracle’s micro system to send the customer’s purchases or point redemptions they made at the restaurants to their account. Alajmo’s customers can claim their points after enjoying a delicious meal. Alajmo being avant garde, were the first to have the app come with a top-up feature, whereby customers can directly top-up their account without making a purchase. This feature allows customers to boost their way to earning rewards. To add to this, Alajmo+Club will give you bonus Smiles when you top-up, for example, if you add €50 (50,000 Smiles) you automatically receive 2,500 bonus Smiles.  

smiles given per euro spent in different alajmo outlets
Amount of Smiles each outlet gives per Euro spent

Our rewards platform offers companies the opportunity to not only use our platform to reward customers but also as a marketing tool capable of targeting niches within their audience. Through the mobile app, Alajmo group is also able to make use of marketing and communication features, such features include; alerts, point modifiers, event and seasonal triggers, vouchers, lottery, and push notifications. Some examples of these are; sending coupons to customers who have spent over €100, sending different alerts to customers according to their tier, or triggering a reward for their customers on their birthday. The features available are not limited to these examples, Alajmo can customise them as they see fit. 

Do you see a tasty meal from Alajmo in your future? Download their app and start enjoying food like never before! 

See more of our White Label offerings.

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10 Things We’ve Learnt in Applying a Rewards Marketing Platform

Charlotte Baker | May 17, 2021

There are numerous rewards marketing schemes out there, each one has its little twist. The value centric scheme we use has proven to be really valuable to our business. Here is our experience summarised in 10 bullet points:


1. The program must benefit both buyer and seller

For anything to work, there must be a clear value proposition to all stakeholders. The consumer needs to be attracted to the scheme and must find instant benefit and satisfaction. Throughout the article, we focus on the business benefit instead assuming customers love the scheme.


2. The true benefit is repeat business

The true benefit of any scheme, indeed, of any marketing effort, is an increase in customer affinity. Simply put, this means repeat custom over time. The scheme needs to be central to repeat business and must be designed for this.


3. The marketing cost of attracting a new customer is known 

A rewards marketing program is transparent, meaning the cost of attracting every single customer, every time the scheme is applied, is known. Contrast this to the blunderbuss approach of traditional marketing. Any business could be spending large sums on advertising in all its different formats, but it still would not know the advertising success rate in attracting new customers.


4. Marketing spend is reduced as this is direct and targeted to scheme members

Rewards marketing programs allow you to target different segments of your audience, be it the ones who are super loyal, the ones who are losing interest, and the ones who have yet to discover you. Instead of throwing out a general promotional discount, or adverts aimed at your audience as a whole, reduce your costs and increase your accuracy using your rewards program to target the individuals with the right messages (offers) tailored to them.


5. Rewards programs benefit all businesses no matter the size

Scheme participation gives visibility and access to all businesses, big or small. Using the scheme wisely, and incorporating this in promotions is a great way of getting into the mindset of consumers. Whether you’re a small café trying to earn new clients or a large franchise restaurant trying to retain clients- rewards programs can help you achieve your goals.


6. The scheme should be central to your digital marketing

The pandemic has reinforced consumer use of the internet command, mainly through smartphones. Gone are the days of carrying a ton of loyalty cards. The smartphone is a true personal assistant to the consumer, enabling everything from online shopping, deliveries, communications, news, and much more. Therefore digital marketing places the scheme at the heart of the consumer’s personal life.


7. Know your customers intimately

As customers join the scheme, more information is gathered and shared. Contrast this to an over-the-counter sale where information exchange is one sided, that is from the business to the customer. The potential of being able to speak to your customers directly as valued people is the true hallmark of loyalty.


8. Reactivate customers you have not seen in some time. 

The beauty of knowing your customers intimately is the ability to re-activate them with items or services of interest in seeking repeat business. This is only possible if you know who your customers are and if you are actively and intelligently pursuing them, offering them value as time goes by.


9. Use the scheme to promote select products and services

Knowing your customer means knowing the tastes and preferences of a select market segment. This gives businesses the confidence of being able to target this segment with select or exclusive products. Anything is possible, for example, testing a new product range, specials, repackaging existing products that matches the personality of the select group and so much more. It really is up to your imagination and experience.


10. Add value to your price comparability

With price comparability comes price competition. This is especially so the more saturated your industry is. If you are a hairdresser in a city where competition is high, you may find yourself  having difficulty differentiating yourself from others, especially when it comes to price. A rewards scheme adds value to your price, that value changes how people see your pricing and how they compare you to your competition.


One final word, a rewards scheme isn’t about the card, the app, or the point system. Instead, it is about the organisation managing the scheme in partnership with you. The company should have the marketing experience and the business analytical skills to help you plan your strategy and tactics that give your business the edge.

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